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Plumbing leaks, pipe bursts and other kinds of water damage can go from bad to irreparable. Flooding in your home can cause extensive damage to your floors, walls, and furniture. It can result in electrical hazards when you have electronics like gaming consoles on the ground. To avoid the growth and spread of mold in your house, call Service Restoration of Lake City.

As water damage restoration experts, we’ve got the training, experience, and experience. Thanks to quick mitigation on our part, we can restore your house or business back to pre-water damaged condition. We can even lower the repair and recovery costs meaning less stress for you.

We hire competent staff to help in water damage repair and prevent further damages in the future. As a full-time water damage restoration, we’ll be with you at every cleanup stage and dry out. We aim to return your home to its pre-loss condition. With our experience in the insurance claim procedure, we will keep you updated on every step on the way. Visit us today at our head office at Rochester City for quality water damage restoration services. We also give water damage restoration services from these cities, Oronoco, Lake city, Eyota, Pine Island, Byron, and Stewartville.

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Water Damage Cleanup and Repair

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Water damage may result due to several factors such as a bathroom backup, burst pipe, toilet overflow, floods, and dishwasher overflow along with other reasons. Contacting skilled water damage restoration and Repair Company to inspect and resolve any problems is the best option instead of DIY.

Professional Experts

We have a team of competent staff to diagnose, analyze and handle your own water damage case.
We use advanced equipment such as truck-mounted vacuum components and dehumidifiers to drain water and dry your residence. In addition, we use moisture monitoring tools, sensors and probes to prevent mold growth.

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As a leading supplier of water damage restoration services, our team of technicians works in a decisive and result-oriented method. From evaluation to drying through to recovery, we navigate through the tragedy with professionalism.

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Our client support includes capable experts specializing in water damage cleanup and repair.

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Our builders are fully insured i.e. they have worker’s compensation, general liability and completed operations insurance cover. The business has a legal license to offer water damage restoration services.



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We’ve supplied water damage restoration services for at least a decade. Since we guarantee satisfaction to our customers, we have an A+ BBB rating demonstrating we are professional and reliable.

Storms can cause flooding, structural or electrical issues depending on their seriousness and where you are. In case you have storm damage, call us and we will help you fix the resulting issues. You may contact us at your convenience even during weekends and holidays and we will be onsite to assist you.

Fires are also another one of those unexpected issues. However, with our staff on your side, we can take that problem and erase it for you. We provide technicians around the clock who are available to get and tackle any recovery you may need, because of a fire. We’ll restore your house in no time and make it so you won’t even remember that there was any damage there to begin with.

Following a water damage scenario, your only alternative is to repair and revive your apartment. Leaving any hint of water on your carpet or drywall can lead to the development of mold, causing a health danger for your loved ones. Our team of experts has the essential training to identify and remove mold from the flat. Mold remediation plays an important role in our water damage cleanup and recovery.

experienced working with major insurance companies

For one to substantiate water damage, technical equipment must provide evidence. For more than a decade, we’ve been working together with major insurance companies to assist home and business owners receive their insurance claims. Therefore, we use state of the art equipment among them thermal imaging and moisture mapping technology to reveal damage severity. With this kind of technologies at our disposal, we help our clients have exact estimates to ensure their settlement can be accurate and fast.


Mary, Lake City MN

This company provides spectacular services!!! Our washer was broken on our second floor and they were responsive, clean, and professional and they did the job in a timely manner. I was really impressed with their services.

Mitchael, Lake City MN

If you find yourself in need of mold removal, this is the company to call! Their technicians are efficient, professional and moment conscious. They did a great job and I highly recommend them.