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Being a homeowner can be among the most rewarding feelings in our adult lives. To have a place to call your own, can truly be an accomplishment and something to be proud of. With that being said, being a homeowner also comes with great responsibilities. If something goes wrong within your home, you are the person who has to take care of the problem. Water damage is something that can be a very common and serious problem for homeowners.

Accidents happen unexpectedly. One of those unexpected accidents is water damage. This can be a pipe bursting, copies in your system, flooding or standing water in your basement, etc.. When these problems arise, it is always good to know that you have professionals nearby, who can help resolve the issue and get everything back to normal for you. Here at Service Restoration, we have the expertise and know-how, to tackle your water damage problems, fix the problem, and help to restore your house back to its former glory.

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Water Damage Cleanup and Repair

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Are you having a dishwasher overflow, bath back up or simply a burst pipe? If yes, there’s a chance of water damage on your own apartment. Whenever there’s a water damage case, it is always important to contact a water damage restoration team to inspect your home for any damages.

Professional Specialists

We’ve got a team of capable staff to diagnose, assess and handle your water damage case.
We use advanced equipment such as truck-mounted vacuum units and dehumidifiers to drain water and dry your home. In addition, we utilize moisture monitoring tools, sensors and probes to reduce mold growth.

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As a major provider of water damage restoration services, our team of technicians work in a critical and result-oriented manner. From evaluation to drying to recovery, we navigate through the crisis with professionalism.

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If you are confronted by water or flood damage in your house or company, you may contact us and we’ll help you. When you telephone us, you may speak with a professional in water damage restoration and repair since we are professionals.

Completely Insured and licensed

Our contractors are fully insured i.e. they have employee’s compensation, general liability and completed operations insurance cover. The business has a valid license to offer water damage restoration solutions.



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We’ve supplied water damage restoration services for at least 10 years. Since we guarantee satisfaction to our clients, we have an A+ BBB rating proving that we are professional and dependable.

Storms are a part of nature and definitely something we cannot control. Therefore, the best we can do is prepare for the storm and its damage and have some professionals lined up to fix the damage after the storm is gone. The destruction can sometimes be devastating and overwhelming but we will be by your side and help ease some of that burden.

In the event of a fire outbreak, we’re here in order to help you. Our standby experts are available 24/7 and will take less than an hour to get to your premises. We promise quality and immediate reaction by our IICRC certified technicians, rich in fire and water damage cleanup and restoration.

Water damage results in the growth of mold that may cause serious health problems to you and your loved ones. As a result, after water damage repair and restoration, mold remediation is suggested to be certain you’re residing in a safe environment. Our technicians have been trained to spot and remove all types of molds out of your home. Rather than buying chemicals from a store and try DIY, hiring professionals who have vast knowledge and experience about molds is your best move.

experienced working with all major insurance companies

Proving a water damage case requires special equipment and tools that your insurance adjuster may not use. If the damage isn’t discovered, then you don’t get any compensation. For this, we use state-of-the-art thermal imaging and moisture mapping technologies to show and show the amount of water damage together with accurate estimates. This makes a case for our customers leading to accurate and fast settlements to our clients by their insurance firms. We work with insurance firms with IICRC certification and A+BBB rating.


Nicole, Eyota MN

We’re extremely thankful to Service Restoration Rochester due to their fast reaction to our flooding emergency. The emergency didn’t innovate and our house is currently habitable again. Thank You.

This company offers spectacular services!!! Our washing machine was broken up on our second floor and they were responsive, clean, and professional and they did the job in a timely manner. I was impressed with their services.

Mary W, Eyota MN

We had a crisis escape at our office and they dispatched their crew right away after we contacted them. A very friendly and professional group of technicians. I recommend this firm 100%.