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As a home owner, the last thing you want in your home is a water damage case. Dealing with it could be exhausting. Not only will it lower your property worth but also pose significant security threats to the inhabitants. Contrary to the common view, a water damage case can affect anybody. Even the newest buildings in Dundas are prone to the damage. Reason being, several factors cause water damage. Such include flood damage or cracked pipes near or in your house. Here at Service Restoration of Dundas, we are the very best water damage cleanup and repair in Dundas.

 We’re highly trained and licensed professionals who have over a decade experience. We’ve Got an A+ BBB rating and a headquarters office in Dundas, Minnesota. We provide support for the surrounding cities of Oronoco, Byron, Chatfield, Eyota, Stewartville, and Pine Island. Offering a”satisfaction guarantee’we take pride in our job and go the extra mile to make certain our customers are pleased. With that being said, we are definitely not a one trick pony, not only are we capable of handling water damage but we also offer other services as well.

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Water Damage Cleanup and Repair

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Are you really having a dishwasher escape, bathroom back up or merely a burst pipe? If so, there is a chance of water damage on your apartment. Whenever there is a water damage case, it’s always important to contact a water damage restoration team to inspect your house to any damages.

Professional Specialists

We’ve got a team of competent staff to diagnose, assess and manage your own water damage situation.
We use advanced equipment such as truck-mounted vacuum components and dehumidifiers to drain water and dry your residence. In addition, we utilize moisture monitoring tools, sensors and probes to reduce mold growth.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Regardless of the size of damage in your home or business, we are committed to customer satisfaction. We provide timely solutions to our customers, saving them money on restoration and repairs. With immediate actions, we also prevent mold growth and assist you with the insurance claims.

Contact with Service Restoration of Dundas technicians and save your home or business.

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If you’re faced by flood or water damage in your house or business, you may contact us and we will help you. When you telephone us, you will talk to a professional in water damage restoration and repair since we’re professionals.

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We have an insurance plan on workers’ reimbursement, completed operations and overall liability.



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Our firm has been around for over 10 years using an A+ BBB rating. Our technicians are among the very best water damage restoration experts in the business. Yes, water damage repair is a comprehensive undertaking, however we are here to assist you in every phase of the way.

Storms are a part of nature and definitely something we cannot control. Therefore, the best we can do is prepare ourselves for the storm and its damage and have some professionals lined up to fix the damage after the storm is gone. The destruction can sometimes be devastating and overwhelming but we will be by your side and help alleviate some of that burden.

In the event of a fire outbreak, we are here in order to assist you. Our standby experts are available 24/7 and will take less than an hour to get to your assumptions. We guarantee quality and immediate reaction by our IICRC certified technicians, rich in water and fire damage cleanup and restoration.

Water damage results in the growth of mold, that may cause significant health issues for you and your family. Therefore, after water damage repair and restoration, mold remediation is recommended to be certain you are living in a safe environment. Our technicians are trained to spot and eliminate all sorts of molds out of your house. Rather than buying chemicals from a store and attempt DIY, hiring professionals who have vast knowledge and expertise about molds is the ideal move.

experienced working with all major insurance companies

Proving a water damage case requires special tools and equipment your insurance adjuster might not utilize. If the damage isn’t found, then you do not receive any compensation. For this, we utilize state-of-the-art thermal imaging and moisture mapping technology to show and prove the amount of water damage together with precise quotes. This makes a case for our clients leading to accurate and fast settlements to our customers by their insurance companies. We work with all insurance companies with IICRC certification and A+BBB score.


Robert, Dundas MN

We had an emergency leak at our office and they discharged their crew straight away after we contacted them. A very friendly and professional team of technicians. I suggest this company 100%.

Ruth, Dundas MN

We are extremely grateful to Service Restoration Dundas due to their fast response to our flooding emergency. The crisis didn’t innovate and our home is now habitable again. Thank You.